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Peter Broughton Cardiff ensure freshness and longevity of fruit and veg across South Wales with our fleet of chilled lorries and vans.

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Peter Broughton Cardiff

In 2012 the company celebrated its 66th year as a business. Adding a catering side to the business has expanded capacity beyond all recognition as we now also supply numerous local restaurants, fish and chip businesses and hotels in Cardiff, one of the fastest growing capital cities in Europe.

Maintaining the freshness of perishable products requires expert handling techniques. Chilling ensures that fruit and vegetables remain fresh for longer periods of time and the company has invested considerably in leading edge cool storage facilities to ensure that customers receive the produce at its very best.


Peter Broughton’s grandfather, William, after years of working in the fruit trade, established his own business, which prospered and was eventually handed down to his son. In 1952 his son took on the business for him and continued to run it for him.


In 1955 Peter embarked on his own business and gradually developed it into a major fruit and vegetable supplier with a fleet of distribution vehicles. With the help of his brother Robert, Peter Broughton’s new business merged with the old family firm on their father’s retirement.


To this day, the family run produce supplier works hard to distribute catering and wholesale fruit and veg throughout South Wales. With the addition of dairy and exotic ranges, the company continues to grow and grow.

A story of family

The addition of Peter Broughton’s sons, David and Nicholas, who joined the company as Joint Manager and Company Accountant respectively, brought to the company new management and financial skills along with techniques to develop even further business potential. With considerable expertise in, amongst other things, supplying the huge demand for quality potatoes for fish and chip businesses, the company is now one of Wales’ largest independent fresh produce wholesalers and distributors.

peterbroughton Cardiff

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